The Team

The Founders

CEO Prakruti Kodali, MBA

With over 7 years of experience in driving growth strategy, business transformation, and innovation management, Prak has taken a plunge into Entrepreneurship to build on her purpose: to make this world a better place for the generations to come. An intense combination of her business acumen and people centricity is bringing pFIBRE closer to organisations craving sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging.

Prak’s crazy belief that she can change the world is what makes her push harder and hustle her way through challenges & adversities.

CTO Dinaz Zenobia Tamboli, PhD

Dinaz earned her PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Monash University in Australia.
During her PhD, she specialized in engineering the materials needed to increase the life of the F/A-18 combat aircraft. After a detour through China where she studied Chinese and taught materials and engineering as assistant professor at Beihang University, she moved to Singapore to co-found pFIBRE. A polyglot, lifelong learner, scuba diver and lover of adventure, Dinaz identifies strongly as a global citizen and, as such, believes in globally impactful solutions to challenging problems.